16 International Film Festivals - 2017 dates will be announced in January and FILM SUBMISSION WILL OPEN FROM MID JANUARY 2017, so visit this page again.

16 International Film Festivals – 16IFF

15 to 22 May, 2016  I  Jaipur, India             Nominated films:- Click here              Awarded films:- Click here
A UNIQUE CINEMA CELEBRATION                     for more Click here

Opening Ceremony: On 15th May, 2016 at 5:45 pm onwards at Golcha Cinema, Near New Gate, Jaipur
Day by day Film Screening schedule: Click here         See with long synopsis: Click here
Day by day Special Talks schedule: - Click here
Festival Venue: Golcha Cinema, Near New Gate, Jaipur
Time: 5:00 pm to 9:15 pm Daily


1 As very special, unique, spectrum international cinema celebration, we are bringing 16 film festivals together from this year.

Organized by: Jaipur International Film Festival & Trust

Submit your film from 26 February
Regular deadline: 30 March, 2016
Late deadline: 15 April, 2016

Download submission form: Click here
Submit form by mail and pay through PayPal at: jiffjaipur@gmail.com

Submit Online:



Feature Fiction, Documentary Feature, Animation Feature, Short Fiction, Short Documentary, Animation Short, Ad Film

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1) Women Film Festival (Films made & based by women)
2) Children Film Festival
3) Tribal Film Festival
4) Global Human Rights Film Festival
5) International Culture and Tourism Film Festival
6) Environment Film Festival
7) Love & Romantic Film Festival
8) Political ^ Corruption Based Film Festival
9) Democracy Film Festival
10) International Animation Film Festival
11) International Student Film Festival
12) War & Peace Film Festival
13) Horror Film Festival
14) Financial Crises and Development Film Festival
15) Ad Film Festival
16) Science Film Festival