By Jaipur International Film Festival & Trust
Under Planning & Development 


First Green Tea Meet and LIFF poster release on 18 October 2016 with Library Members at office 47 Saket Nagar (Shyam Nagar), 4pm onwards, write us for join at

1100 Deepak (Lighting Lamps) programme 21 October 2016 for Library at Golcha Cinema, 5:30pm.

Music Night, Dinner and General Film Library Launching programme 22 october 2016 (hold).

Library Film Festival from 21 to 23 October 2016.

Re Think Programme - Awareness programme to groom students and youth to become responsible citizens and leaders. We are bringing yearly awareness programme exclusively for students and youths of Jaipur (from August 2016 to Jun 2017). The programme focuses of different issues which have an impact on our lives like Environment, Green City Clean City, Heritage, Culture and Tourism, Traffic Sense and Save Life, Democracy, War & Peace, My Health My Future, Women, Children, Tribal and Global Human Rights. We will focus on an issue for a period of two months. For more.

16 International Film Festivals – 16IFF based on 16 subjects organized by Library & JIFF from 15 to 22 May, 2016 at Golcha Cinema in Jaipur (A UNIQUE CINEMA CELEBRATION) with participating 60 Countries.

E awareness Global Campaign about Library from 8 Jun 2016.

Library will host now Jaipur International Film Festival - JIFF from 7 to 11 January 2017.

Regular film shows, workshops, seminars and dialouges etc. from 2017.

Library Awards in 2017.

For more Library Activities visit our website regularly.