International Recognition

JIFF makes its way through to the line of World best festivals.

47 films have received 56 National Film Awards   after being awarded at the Jaipur International Film Festival in previous years.

JIFF is 1st film festival in the history of Indian film festivals which was organized at 10 screen in 2013. 

JIFF is world’s first film festival which received films from 100 countries within its only 7 years existence.

Aryan JIFF 2019 was World's Biggest Competitive Film Festival (in fiction films).

JIFF launched maximum programs in minimum time all over the world.

7 films (9 awards) received National Film Awards 2020 from JIFF 2021 & 2022 (Natyam, Avijatrik, Admitted, Bridge, Dada Lakhmi, Dollu & more).

5 films (6 awards) received National Film Awards 2019 from JIFF 2020 (Khisa, Holy Rights, Radha (Musical), The Stork Saviours, Kalira Atita & more).

3 films (4 awards) received National Film Awards 2018 from JIFF 2019 (Joseph, Sudani From Nigeria (Two awards), Bunkar - The Last of the Varanasi Weavers).

4 films (4 awards) received National Film Awards 2017 from JIFF 2018 (Tokri – The Basket, Mayat, Happy Birthday & The Ghazi Attack).

2 films (2 awards) received National Film Awards 2016 from JIFF 2017 (HAM CHITRA BANATE HAI AND LEECHES).

3 films (6 awards) received National Film Awards 2015 from JIFF 2016.
4 films (5 awards) received National Film Awards 2014 from JIFF 2015. 

7 films received 8 National Film Awards which films submitted /nominated in JIFF 2014.

5 films have received national awards after being awarded at the JAIPUR INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2013.

BEST HINDI FILM @ 60th National Film Awards YELLOW ROSE-Upcoming Film with World Premiere & BEST DEBUTANTE DIRECTOR at JIFF 2013

BEST FILM ON ENVIRONMENT INCLUDING AGRICULTURE @ 60th National Film Awards screened at JIFF 2013 & Best Documentary film at JIFF 2013

Pinch of Skin (English and Hindi)
Allah is Great (English, Hindi and Danish)

Delhi Safari

2 films received 8 National Film Awards which films submitted /nominated in JIFF 2012.

JIFF to OSCAR and National Film Award

Iranian film 'A Separation' directed by Asghar Farhadi which won the 84th Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2012, and same film had been awarded with "Golden Camel Award For Best Director" & "Best Actress Award In International Category" in 4th JIFF-2012 (held from 27-31 January, 2012). The Credit for this rational and transparent selection goes to JIFF Preview committee and Jury members.

5 films have received national awards after being awarded at the JAIPUR INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

JIFF Awarded Films
Title  -  Nader and Simin (A Separation). 
Director  -  Asghar Farhadi.
Duration  -  02:03:00 Hrs.
Country  -  France /Iran.
Category  - Feature.


When his wife leaves him, Nader hires a young woman to take care of his suffering father. But he doesn’t know his new maid is not only pregnant, but also working without her unstable husband’s permission. Soon, Nader finds himself entangled in a web of lies, manipulation and public confrontations. 


Asghar Farhadi

Asghar Farhadi


Following films have received National Awards after being awarded at the Jaipur international Film Festival:


1.  JIFF2009:

JIFF Awarded Films
Karna Motcham (Short Film)  
Director: S.Murli Manohar
Best short film award in JIFF and 
then National Award.


Herve Demers

S.Murli Manohar


2.  JIFF2010:

JIFF Awarded Films
Garud (Short Film)   Director: Deepu.S.Unni
Best Cinematography award in JIFF and 
National Award in same category.


Herve Demers


3.  JIFF2011:

JIFF Awarded Films
Veettilekkulla Vazhi ( The way home ) Feature Film   Director: Dr. Biju 
Best Malayalam Film at National Award and screened 
in Jaipur International Film Festival. 


Herve Demers

Dr. Biju

4.  JIFF2011:

JIFF Awarded Films
Mala Aai Vahhaychy (I want to be a mother) Feature Film  
Director: Samrouddhi Porey
Best Female Actor and Debutant Director at JIFF and best 
best Marathi film award at National Film Awards.


Herve Demers

Samrouddhi Porey

5.  JIFF2011:

JIFF Awarded Films
I am Kalam(Feature Film)  
Director: Nila Madhab Panda
National award for Best child artist and selected at Jaipur 
International Film Festival.


Herve Demers

Nila Madhab Panda


National Recognition

I would like to share my pleasure with you about a big achievement of JIFF. In the first two editions of JIFF, the awarded films in Best Short film category and Best Cinematography category were also awarded at the National Film Awards. It is a matter of great pride for JIFF that 3 feature films screened/awarded in JIFF 2011 have also been selected for the National Film Awards, announced on 19th of May, 2011. This has surely enhanced the credibility of Jaipur International Film Festival and has increased the inclination of both budding and veteran film makers from all around the world for this annual event.

JIFF is not only one of the fastest growing film festivals in the country but also a festival that brings out young talent and provides a wider national and international platform to them.

The juries of the previous festivals have identified young film makers from around the world and recognized their talent.

It is matter of great pride for JIFF that three feature films screened in JIFF2011 were also selected for the National film Awards, announced 19th of May 2011

Deepu S Unni, got the best cinematographer award in JIFF 2010 edition for the film “Gaarud-The Spell”. He later on received a National Award for the same film in the same category.

Deepu said “JIFF boosted my confidence and supported the dream to become a professional cinematographer”.

S Murli Manohar received an award in the best short film category in JIFF2009 and later got the National Film Award for same film. These awards show the credibility and authenticity of JIFF.

International Publicity Campaign

JIFF aims at attracting larger interest of film makers by organizing International Publicity campaigns in different countries as per the schedule given below:
April — Kish (Iran)
May — Cannes (France)
July— Kerala (India)
Sep— Toronto (Canada)
Oct— Mumbai (India)
Nov—New York (USA)
Dec— (Kerala,Goa(India)


Media Blitz

JIFF 2011 saw a media onslaught rarely seen for an event. The result was there for everyone to see.. Copies of the regular JIFF bulletin Update was sent to film makers India and abroad as well as the high-end gentry. TV, mobiles, FM Radio were appropriately used to make people make aware of the event.

Ms. Asha Parekh (right) updating the release of JIFF 2012.
Mr. Hanu Roj (Director JIFF) presenting the award to Ms. Asha Parekh at her residence in Mumbai
JIFF booth at CANNES-2011

It’s a matter of immense joy that Jaipur International Film Festival was there at CANNES 2011, in reference to international promotion & awareness. JIFF participated in a joint venture with Film Federation of India and had a booth at the CANNES from 11th May to 21st May 2011. Many filmmakers visited JIFF booth to attain detailed information about JIFF. We also had a positive response from all of them. It was a great achievement and was very beneficial for JIFF.

JIFF in the news, JIFF in the world

National and International news by- PTI, BBC, IRNS news agency (Iran), All leading news papers of India, Local, National and International( Iran) Television Media, every day half hour news telecast by Doordarshan and 30 minute special round up after the festival by Doordarshan (maximum viewership in India). 

In a joint venture of BSNL-Aksh-JIFF, ten films have been chosen for telecast on IPTV network in the country after screening of these movies at the festivals. This was an unique presentation of entries at the drawing room of viewers across the state among those who subscribes IPTV cable.

News by British Council, Pakistan Iran, Nederland and other embassy, SFN news-South Asian Short films news network (Iran), Bullet film (Poland), Others- 5, 000 mobile SMS to VIP’s in the Rajasthan, more than 10 billion emails network around the world



JAYA BACHCHAN, Film actress from India

"It is advisable to make Rajasthan a film archive to explore the possibilities in this state."

MARC BASCHET, Film producer from France

"JIFF can become one of the finest film festivals of the world and I do wish for the same."

Sharmila Taigore, Film actress from India

"राजस्थान की संस्कृति, पर्यटन, कला, मेले, महल बहुत ही खूबसूरत हैं जिफ इसे और बढावा देगा."

GOVIND NIHALANI, Film maker from India

"JIFF has an option after The Cannes."

SHYAM BENEGAL, Film maker from India

"JIFF’s film festival 2011 shall be different from routine festival organized in Bollywood. I couldn’t attend previous two edition butI will try is attend future one."

MOHMOUD NOURI, Filmmaker from Iran

"It was a very good experience & JIFF has achieved a lot in just two years."

ANURAG KASHYAP, Film Director from India

"Wow! Its great to think that now Jaipur is ready for international Film Festival. Thanks."

NANDITA DAS, Film Director from India and Lead role in Ramchand Pakistani

"I am very happy that my film Ramchand Pakistani shown in JIFF. This film is based on India and Pakistan. I hope audience will like this film."

JAGMOHAN MUNDHARA, Film Director from India

"Best of luck, It was great to be here. I hope JIFF one day will be beautiful film festival of cinema world around the globe."

NINA WEBER, Film fan from Switzerland

"A meaningful & praiseworthy attempt JIFF, 2009."